Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services is a tremendous answer for batch that require malleability and quality quick-term, specific wishes, while managed services are soaring suitable for organization that want large-time period assistance and aspiration to outsource complete tasks.

Staff augmentation and managed offerings are outsourcing enterprise models, and these phrases are frequently used interchangeably. Nonetheless, there are differences among the 2, and it is censorious for businesses to be aware of to them to select the maximum suitable model for his or her wishes.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing commercial enterprise version in which agencies briefly contract outdoor employees to quickly increase the capacity in their present day crew. You can faucet into onshore, along shore, and offshore skills and scale your team up and down based totally on demand.

Within the IT industry, businesses can use staff augmentation for numerous levels of the development method, along with programming, workflow optimization, first-class warranty, or exceptional manage. As a result, you may overcome certain roadblocks, agreement key abilities your crew may be missing, meet finances and time constraints, fix insects, and accelerate product release.

Staff augmentation is cost effective and gives your enterprise with flexibility. It’s usually a brief answer that permits you to leverage your existing team and sources while cashing in on outside expertise and reducing running prices.                                        

What are managed services?

Managed Services

Managed services is an outsourcing enterprise model wherein employer entrusts positive features to a 3rd-party celebration company, known as a controlled offerings issuer or MSP. Groups can outsource surely something to controlled carrier companies. This could be cybersecurity, facts migration, or database management, in addition to software program development.

In preference to becoming a member of the organization’s in-house IT group, managed service vendors perform on their personal. They provide a consumer with a quote and project timeline and, after approval, work on their unique project at the same time as maintaining ordinary communique with their customer.

The controlled services version is value-powerful because it reduces the need for overhead, HR work, and useful resource control. The employer can focus on different commercial enterprise duties and hook up with their controlled service company for daily or weekly development replace tests instead of oversee work on a daily foundation.


Pros and cons of staff augmentation:


  • Staffing flexibility:You may lessen or increment your workforce consistent with demand. Further, individuals that augment your in-house crew tend to combine and start working quicker than entire groups.
  • Choice of professionals:Staff augmentation allows you to benefit get admission to top skills and select the professionals that pleasant meet your requirements in terms of abilities, enjoy, and documentation.
  • Meeting deadlines: As staff augmentation can help you fill in the gaps in your in-residence team’s know-how, there’s no want to pause or pre-empt challenge improvement. You may retain your classic workflows and business tactics and meet strict time limits.
  • Fewer management issues: Staff augmentation helps you lessen costs and accountability linked with hiring full-time personnel. You could additionally without delay oversee campaign improvement, make essential adjustments and choices, in addition to remain concerned in the course of the varying stages of the development process.


  • More suitable for short-term projects: At the same time as staff augmentation helps you fill the gaps within the Understanding and information and presents effective short-term support (much less than 12  months), it’s normally greater value-powerful to touch an in-house team in

     case you are searching out dedicated long-time period assist.

  • Internal training requirements:Staff augmentation enables you gain get entry to specialized abilities and expertise. However, you may need to educate your supplemental body of workers to your enterprise’s internal techniques. 
  • Need for wellestablished internal processes: For your in-house team to productively work with outer staff, your agency needs to have well-known workflows and transmission, especially if you will be outsourcing tasks to professional workers in other time zones.


The pros and cons of managed services:


  • Skills and expertise: Instead of needing to prepare an in-residence team, you can advantage get right of entry to an entire team of experts who’ve get right of entry to the vital equipment and hardware and might get began proper away.
  • No need for training:You can cast off recruiting, education, and user adoption costs as a managed services group is available in absolutely and independently operational “out-of-the-field.” This group comes with enterprise accomplice and task supervisor that ensures your deliverables are always heading in the right direction.
  • Focus on core business operations: While running with an in-house IT team, you or a devoted

group member will need to have energetic participation within the improvement technique, as a result limiting their position to awareness on different obligation. Outsourcing your IT wishes to a reliable managed offerings provider allows you to devote it slow and efforts to different components of your commercial enterprise, consisting of growing income and servicing customer.

  • Dedicated project management: To stay on time and on budget when developing software program, your IT team will advantage from mission management and evolve practices. In case you paintings with an in-house team, this will require you to lease extra team of employees. Expert controlled services providers will normally take at the responsibility of undertaking control in addition to have the vital tools and technologies to make certain an effective and streamlined improvement system. 


  • Need to provide a thorough project brief: You should put together and provide a controlled carrier issuer with thorough assignment specs. This may maximize the possibilities of a successful progress outcome and correct price assessment. Otherwise, your assignment might also require changes which could boom its standard cost. 
  • Security and control issues: Whilst outsourcing element of your enterprise to a third party, you provide them with access for your employer’s sensitive information and data. It could lead to considerable protection problems if your managed service company turns out to be unreliable.
  • Potentially higher costs: managed carrier providers can also provide applications of tools and sources that you may not always need. Moreover, you should cover the expenses of a group and a mission manager, which can be better than adding one or a few extra members for your present group. 


Comparison of managed team and staff augmentation 

Finding out which model will be best depends on your business, your errand statement and your focus. You can maximize the advantages of both staff augmentation and managed services by compelling a balance between the two.


                Staff augmentation

                Managed services

Suitable for

Large pliable projects, short term goals, tight budget

Complete project outsourcing, long term projects


Coasting is based on hourly rates, payment made biweekly

Deposit based mode, annual billing



Amenity provider


Full time

Full time/part time